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Retro-fit for Apartments

Better broadband, wholly future-proofed for tomorrow

With fast connectivity, a must-have these days instead of just a wish-list item, your building’s residents and tenants deserve and need a rock-solid internet connection for their increasingly online lives.

VergeTel can deliver such an upgrade for your building, using our own infrastructure which is independent of the NBN.

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Retro-fit for Apartments

Key Features


Multiple redundant paths to the internet, with built-in security at multiple layers with 24/7 monitoring.

Fast speeds

Consistent symmetrical upload and download speed, even at peak times for enhanced streaming, gaming, cloud, video and VoIP experiences.

Local caching

Premium quality

A premium and reliable internet connection offering unlimited data, both residential and business grade services, with low contention.

Local support

Truly local support, Technical helpdesk, plus an online fault logging helpdesk dedicated to keeping your operations running smoothly in more places.

Extra features

Building management systems, lighting control, lift and fire panel lines, CCTV and building access control can all be integrated into a connectivity solution.


The benefits

A critical value-add

Amenity is key to apartment buildings, and that’s not just about location. With more Australians working from home offices than ever before, fast and reliable internet connectivity isn’t just a wishlist item, but a crucial amenity for attracting the right tenants and keeping them.

For an existing apartment building, the cost of maintaining and implementing workarounds with the legacy telecommunications infrastructure is costly and can have a significant impact on your bottom line, whilst also creating unwanted complexity. The very good news is this critical value-add can be acquired from VergeTel – avoiding the headaches and the cost.

Zero build cost

VergeTel is a federal telecommunications carrier, and can build and maintain its own infrastructure at zero cost to you.

We also maintain and upgrade infrastructure at no cost over the entire life of the project – ours is a future-proofed internet connectivity solution. As part of a retrofit, VergeTel will supply a dedicated carrier level fibre or microwave backhaul (10 Gbps) to your building, exceeding what is typically provisioned to residential and commercial buildings – and with minimal disruption to residents and tenants.

Ongoing maintenance and support

Your VergeTel retrofitted building will be closely monitored, ensuring residents and tenants have a world-class connectivity experience on an ongoing basis.

We take care of all maintenance and upgrades of our infrastructure over the life of the agreement, as well as support of end users.

Fast setup

Once our infrastructure is in place, connections are instantaneous for new tenants, with a 5-minute sign up process.

All residents/tenants need to do is plug in a compatible router (which we can also supply) into the already installed VergeTel wall socket, select a plan and they are set to go!

Additional services

In addition to providing ultra-fast broadband services to your apartment building, we also have the ability and proven capability to overlay special services such as:

– Lift phones
– Intercom systems
– In-building Wi-Fi solutions
– Smart building solutions

Retro-fit for Apartments


Our Built-to-Rent solution is delivered in one of many architecture types, and will differentiate for each retro-fit build.

Overview of the topology:
The general topology includes a fibre optic cable installed from our nearest Point of Presence (PoP) to your building. The cable then interfaces with our equipment co-located at your site, and appropriately distributes fibre optic backbone cabling infrastructure to each floor's communications room through your building using the service risers or other approved methods. A single cable is then run from the unit or apartment back to the floor distribution unit in the communications room.

If applicable, preference will be taken to use any existing private telecommunications cabling between a unit/apartment to the floor distribution unit to minimise disruption to residents and tenants.

Our retro-fit infrastructure solution is available in the following locations:

  • Sydney - CBD and outer suburbs
  • Newcastle - CBD and some other suburbs*

*Some locations may not be included, contact us to confirm availability.

Our retro-fit infrastructure solution is highly scalable, with a rich offering of bandwidth options from 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps (with provision for 10 Gbps where required). The speeds are symmetrical, providing even residents with a first class service not available anywhere else.

Our network has redundancy built in right from our core network to your site. All retro-fit infrastructure builds are supported by a redundancy configuration, to alleviate service disruptions or degradation.

- Single Uplink configuration (99.95% target availability)
- Dual Uplink configuration (99.98% target availability)

The assurance level is dependent on the location where the service is provided. All Business Internet Direct services include a Standard SLA:

Urban: 24 x 7 support with 12-hour restoration target
Rural: 24 x 7 support with 24-hour restoration target

Note: Enhanced SLA options are available at an additional cost.

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