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OpticHaul™ Wavelength

Dedicated capacity, for large bandwidth applications

VergeTel OpticHaul™ is perfect if you need data connectivity between two sites in Australia and want bandwidth of up to 100Gbps. Use it to link your headquarters to your data centres or to branch offices.

The high speed, dedicated bandwidth enables you to run critical and latency sensitive business applications with ease – whether they’re storage networking, high-speed transaction processing, business continuity/disaster recovery, data centre connectivity or real time video.

OpticHaul™ Wavelength

Key Features

Mission critical

It's crucial to have reliable, high-speed networking solutions that combine superior bandwidth with national coverage.

Proven platform

VergeTel OpticHaul™ uses the proven MHL3000 and RL6500 platforms with US Defence Department security certification.

Huge coverage

Consistent symmetrical upload and download speed, even at peak times for enhanced cloud, video and VoIP experiences.

High availability

We provide target availability of 99.7% with the unprotected option, and target availability of 99.95% with protected connectivity services.


Choose the speed that suits your business. With Ethernet you can have up to 100Gbps, while SDH offers 2.5Gbps or 10Gbps.

Bundle services

We offer additional products and services that complement and add extra capability and value. These include Business Internet Direct and Managed Data Networks.

OpticHaul™ Wavelength

The benefits


Dedicated bandwidth helps you avoid performance issues such as contention, latency and delays associated with shared networks.

Greater control

Use the service to support protocols other than IP, helping ensure control and better security over the routing of data traffic.


As your business grows, you can easily scale the bandwidth up to 100Gbps. We have access to the largest fibre networks in Australia.

Business Continuity

With the protection options, your traffic can be automatically redirected to ensure high availability of your services.


A single provider helps you reduce operational complexity, cost and time of managing many suppliers.

Proactive Management

Delivers greater peace of mind for your business by proactively monitoring and managing your network.

OpticHaul™ Wavelength


Our OpticHaul™ Wavelength service provides high bandwidth, point-to-point connectivity between network points of presence (PoP). Based on DWDM technology, the solution can provide you additional bandwidth efficiently as needed.

Delivered over VergeTel's reliable and secure optical fibre network, our Wavelength service offers bandwidth options of 1Gbit/s Ethernet, 10Gbit/s Ethernet, 100Gbit/s Ethernet, 2.5Gbit/s SDH and 10Gbit/s SDH in capital city* metro areas, along inter-capital routes and in major regional areas.

Our Wavelength service is ideal for enterprises, service providers and carriers seeking high bandwidth backhaul between their major PoPs and data centres.

VergeTel is uniquely equipped with the tools and experience to deliver such a service to almost any location in Australia and will develop a strategy to alleviate any build costs associated with the delivery of the service. You can request a service qualification in VergeTel Tranzact if you have access, or contact our Enterprise Delivery Team.

Our OpticHaul™ Wavelength product is scalable and reliable, with a rich offering of bandwidth options from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps.

Redundancy options for higher service availability are available in the following configurations:
- Unprotected configuration (99.7% target availability)
- Protected configuration (99.95% target availability)

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