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Managed Dark Fibre

Empower Your Network with Our Tailored Dark Fibre Services

Explore the possibilities with VergeTel’s Managed Dark Fibre — offering exclusive fibre pairs that provide the operational flexibility, heightened security, and rapid speed your business requires to meet customer needs and seize new market opportunities.

Our extensive network includes an increasing number of on-net locations, from NBN Points of Interconnect (POIs) to central business districts (CBDs), ensuring that we can configure a bespoke dark fibre solution that aligns perfectly with your privacy, performance, and scalability requirements. Experience the ultimate control and customization necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.

Managed Dark Fibre

Key Features

Complete Network Control

Gain full autonomy over your networking infrastructure with our dark fibre that allows you to manage your own bandwidth, protocols, and security settings. Perfect for businesses needing customized network solutions.

High Scalability

Effortlessly scale your network capacity up or down based on your evolving business requirements. This flexibility ensures that your infrastructure grows with your company, without the need for excessive initial investment.

Enhanced Security

Maintain secure communications with a private network that only your business accesses. Our Managed Dark Fibre eliminates shared pathways, significantly reducing risks of data breaches and interference.

Dedicated Support

Benefit from VergeTel’s 24/7 expert support team ready to assist with any technical issues, ensuring your network is always up and running efficiently. We provide dedicated account management to help tailor your service throughout its lifecycle.

Extensive Network Reach

Connect multiple business locations seamlessly using our extensive fibre network that includes major urban centers and strategic rural areas across Australia. Our presence in NBN Points of Interconnect and CBDs makes us a versatile choice for nationwide coverage.

Guaranteed Performance

Enjoy consistent and reliable network performance ideal for high-demand applications like live video streaming, large-scale cloud computing, and real-time data analytics. Our Managed Dark Fibre ensures your business operations are never hampered by downtime or lag.


The benefits

Customization and Flexibility

Tailor your communication network to meet precise organizational needs without constraints. Managed Dark Fibre allows for complete customization of bandwidth, security levels, and network protocols, providing the flexibility to design an infrastructure that aligns perfectly with your business strategy.

Superior Bandwidth and Speed

Managed Dark Fibre networks support very high data transmission speeds, ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications such as multimedia sharing, large-scale backups, or cloud applications. This can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency in data-dependent sectors.

Cost Efficiency Over Time

While the initial setup for Managed Dark Fibre might be an investment, over time it proves to be a cost-effective solution. Businesses can avoid the recurring costs associated with capacity upgrades or additional services typically seen with traditional leased lines.

Unmatched Data Security

By using a private network that isn't shared with other entities, data transmitted across your dark fibre is safeguarded against external threats and vulnerabilities. This high level of security is crucial for industries dealing with sensitive information.

Managed Dark Fibre


Managed Dark Fibre refers to our bespoke service where we offer unused ('dark') optical fibre infrastructure to our clients to set up their own privately-operated communication networks. This service provides unparalleled control over network configurations, allowing clients to determine their bandwidth, security levels, and connectivity protocols.

The flexibility of Managed Dark Fibre is ideal for organizations requiring tailored solutions to support large data transfers, connect multiple locations seamlessly, or expand their network infrastructure as the business grows.

Our Managed Dark Fibre network spans numerous on-net locations across Australia, including major NBN Points of Interconnect (POIs) and central business districts (CBDs). This extensive coverage ensures that we can offer reliable and fast dark fibre services to a wide range of businesses, regardless of their location within the country. To check if Managed Dark Fibre is available in your area, you can contact our sales team or use the service qualification tool on our website.

Managed Dark Fibre offers several significant advantages:

  • Customized Network Solutions: Tailor your network to meet specific requirements for speed, bandwidth, and security without dependence on pre-set service offerings.
  • Scalability: Easily scale your operations up or down with changes in business size or data demands without significant additional costs.
  • Enhanced Security: Since you control the entire data transmission path, your data remains secure from third-party interference.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Over time, investing in Managed Dark Fibre can be more cost-effective than leasing bandwidth as your data needs increase.
  • Performance Consistency: Enjoy consistent high-speed connections perfect for data-intensive applications like real-time data backup, high-definition video streaming, and cloud services.

VergeTel is committed to providing comprehensive support for all our Managed Dark Fibre clients. This includes:

  • 24/7 Technical Support: Our expert technicians are available around the clock to assist with any issues or queries.
  • Dedicated Account Management: Each client is assigned a dedicated manager who provides personalized service and helps navigate through the planning, implementation, and maintenance processes.
  • Installation and Maintenance: We offer full installation services and ongoing maintenance to ensure your network operates smoothly without disruptions.
  • Training and Consultation: To help you maximize your new network's potential, we provide training for your staff and ongoing consultation on best practices in network management.

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