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Redefining telco solutions, unleashing potential.

Welcome to VergeTel, your bridge to innovative and reliable network solutions. As a pioneering Australian telecommunications company, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional and tailor-made solutions backed by a robust infrastructure. With over two decades of collective expertise, our team stands ready to redefine simplicity and efficiency in telecommunications.

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National and global reach

Leveraging a robust Australian network and strategic global partnerships, VergeTel ensures seamless connectivity both nationally and internationally.

World-class expertise

Harnessing seasoned expertise, VergeTel designs, builds, and manages critical infrastructure projects with unparalleled finesse and innovative approaches.

Highly tailored solutions

A seasoned team excelling in crafting distinctly specialised and customised solutions, a unique offering scarcely found in the telecommunications industry.

Team Members

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Photo of Kevin Soutar

Kevin Soutar

Network Engineer

Hailing from the USA, Kevin stands at the helm of our transformative network projects as our dedicated Network Engineer. With an adept hand, he intricately crafts, configures, and preserves vital connections within our expansive global network, bridging gaps between Australia and the United States. Kevin's knack for innovation and expertise plays a pivotal role in reshaping the ways in which our network operates, consistently pushing the boundaries to foster seamless communication and operational excellence.

Jake Benjamin

Solutions Analyst

As our astute Solutions Analyst, Jake embodies the nexus of innovation and practicality. He artfully orchestrates turnkey design and engineering solutions, seamlessly integrating them across various business units. With an unyielding commitment to progress, he steadfastly supports the ongoing maintenance, design, and refinement of our ever-evolving global network. Jake's visionary approach and expertise play a crucial role in fueling our journey towards a more interconnected and efficient future.

William Peasley

Intl-Technical Specialist

In his wide-ranging role at our company, William navigates daily operations and stakeholder coordination with skill and precision. As a seasoned Technical Specialist, he also excels in crafting custom solutions that cater to our clients' distinct needs. His vigilant oversight in adhering to work plans and maintaining core assets and facilities marks him as a linchpin in our organisational structure, seamlessly blending managerial insight with technical acumen.

Photo of Chris Molloy

Chris Molloy

Business Development Manager

Boasting an impressive tenure of over 36 years in the industry, Chris is the seasoned veteran steering our business growth as the Business Development Manager. His vast experience encompasses realms of strategy, data center management, IT management, and business development, making him a wellspring of knowledge and expertise.


Our Genesis:
The Birth of a Vision

At the helm of VergeTel is the visionary William Peasley, whose passion for telecommunications was ignited at the tender age of 14 during his work experience at industry behemoths NBN Co and Telstra. This early flicker of youthful enthusiasm has flourished into a leading telecommunications powerhouse that is both agile and solution-driven, with a sweeping presence that stretches from Australia to the USA.

William's visionary leadership is fortified by a cadre of experts who share his vision, collectively boasting a staggering 28 years of industry experience. Together, they have cultivated VergeTel into a powerhouse of innovation and reliability.

Technical Prowess

The Backbone of Innovation

Our robust infrastructure stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to leading the advancements in the industry. We take pride in helming a sophisticated network that features our fibre optic infrastructure, data centre presence, a vast wireless network, state-of-the-art backhaul solutions, and a tier 1 voice network. This venture is a beacon of unique solutions, offering avenues scarcely explored elsewhere in the industry.

VergeTel pipe proving for fibre optic installation
Photo of a tower site

Collaborative Strength

Strategic Alliances:
Amplifying Our Impact

But VergeTel's strength also lies in the alliances we've fostered. Our collaboration with industry behemoths like Telstra Wholesale, NBN Co, and Leading Edge Data Centres has empowered us to provide enhanced network and facilities infrastructure. Additionally, our partnerships with Indara, Lumea, and PlusES extend our reach, offering a range of network infrastructure options and solutions.

These strategic relationships, along with our customer-centric collaborations with local partners such as OneWiFi, Newcastle Connect, and ITCovered, amplify our capacity to deliver unparalleled services.

Our Commitment

Your Trusted Partner
in Telecommunications

At VergeTel, we stand as more than a telecommunications company. We are your committed partner, geared to crafting tailor-made solutions that transcend the conventional boundaries of the industry.

Entrust us to be the catalyst in your journey towards a future where telecommunications solutions are not just groundbreaking but are also a seamless blend of innovation and customer-centricity. Choose VergeTel, where dedication meets innovation, setting the stage for a telecommunications experience that defines the future, today.


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