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Access tomorrow's telco solutions, today.

We're a specialist fibre and network provider. We're about making things better, simpler, and easier. With a purpose-built network, world-class expertise and solutions, and Australia-based customer support, you can trust VergeTel to deliver complex and unique telecommunications solutions.

  • Unique Solutions
  • Next Level Support
  • Disruptive Thinking
  • Industry Innovation

National and global reach

We own and manage our network across Australia and parts of the USA, and provide international connectivity via our major partners.

World-class expertise

We have an experienced and skilled team in-house to design, build, and manage large critical infrastructure projects.

Leading the way in self-service

We use innovative methods and systems to provide our customers with the best self-service experience, with diagnostic and ordering tools.

Team Members

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Kevin Soutar (USA)

Network Engineer

Kevin is our Network Engineer, and he leads our network transformation programs. He is responsible for designing, configuring and maintaining components of our global network between Australia and the United States.

Jake Benjamin (USA)

Solutions Analyst

Jake is our Solutions Analyst, delivering turnkey design and engineering solutions across multiple business units, and supports the continued maintenance, design, and innovation of our evolving and growing global network.

William Peasley (AU)

Intl-Technical Specialist

William has a rather broad role across the company, managing the day-to-day administration of internal operations including stakeholder management and coordination, but also as a Technical Specialist, advising and curating custom solutions for our clients. He is also responsible for monitoring adherence of the telco to work plans, and construction/maintenance of core assets and facilities.

Rory Wood (AU)

Systems Administrator

Rory is an integral part of the VergeTel team. He manages our internal and partner facing platforms, and ensures our network and IT applications are always available. He also manages all our network and IT system augmentations.

Chris Molloy (AU)

Business Development Manager

Chris is our Business Development Manager with over 36 years experience in strategy, data center, IT management and business development. He is responsible for market evaluation and engagement, and implementation of marketing and sales plans.

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