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Diagnostic and repair of phone and nbn lines

Internet faults can happen just about any time of day and there can potentially be many reasons why your internet connection is slow or not working and now have no internet access.

Our accredited NBN technicians are fully equipped with the latest testing equipment, technology, skills and experience to accurately locate any faults or degradation on your NBN copper line and perform the necessary repairs*.


Services Offered

Internal cabling

Identify internal cabling issues between the NBN termination box and your internal wall outlets.

Lead-in cable

Check and confirm the lead-in cable between the street pit and your property is performing within NBN specification.

Line splitters

Removal of ADSL or VDSL line splitters or filters which can adversely affect the performance of your NBN line.

Performance testing

Line performance testing between the DSLAM and your modem. This includes metallic line testing, SNR verification, and CRC/SES errors.

Cabling health check

Test the quality and performance of internal cabling to Australian Standards.

Star or bus wiring

Bypass legacy star and bus wiring previously used for ADSL and phone lines services, which is more susceptible to faults.


The process

1. Technician arrives

The technician will arrive at your premises when you booked your appointment and will perform an inspection of the existing cabling between the street pit, your NBN or Telstra termination box on or under your home, and identify the wiring type used for your home.

This information helps determine the requirements and will allow the technician to confirm and explain any issues with you prior to proceeding with any works.

2. Diagnose and repair

Once the inspection has been completed, the technician will perform numerous line and diagnostic tests using the latest testing equipment approved by NBN and Telstra. The testing will accurately reflect the quality of the NBN line.

After the technician has diagnosed any faults or degradation on your NBN line, they will perform the necessary rectification works to bring the NBN line within NBN specification within their scope.

3. Service report

You will receive a full service report with all your NBN line testing and performance information, along with a scope of work, and a photo pack. If issues were identified out of scope, they are outlined in detail and assistance provided to lodge a complex fault with NBN directly.



In the evenings, when more people are typically using the internet, you may find your connection slows down or experiences network congestion. But, why, you ask?

Firstly, it’s important to choose the right speed plan to meet your needs. nbn offers wholesale speed tiers to phone and internet providers that range from Home Basic right through to Home Ultrafast.*

Other factors that can affect your connection speed include:

  • The number of people and devices actively online at your place at the same time
  • The way your phone and internet provider configures their network and manages traffic
  • How nbn configure their network

We’d recommend you engage us to perform remote line performance testing to determine any issues on the nbn network side.

Once this has been ruled out, we can organise to visit your premises and investigate the cause of the dropouts and poor speeds which may be a result of a damaged lead-in cable, poor internal cabling or degradation of other equipment.

If you’re experiencing issues with your modem/router’s signal strength, you may find the nbn in-home optimisation tips helpful.

Otherwise, for further assistance with your device, please get in touch with:

  • your phone and internet provider – if they supplied the modem/router to you
  • the retailer or device manufacturer – if you purchased the modem/router yourself

We can also provide you with a compatible modem/router if required.

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