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Swift and Dependable Internet via Our Premier Fibre Network

Empower your business with VergeTel’s Internet Direct — a premier Direct Internet Access solution designed specifically for professional settings that demand rigorous, high-capacity internet connections.

This service facilitates the smooth running of business-critical applications by providing ultra-reliable, consistent internet access directly over our expansive fibre network.

Crafted for efficiency and resilience, Internet Direct leverages one of Australia’s largest internet backbones to deliver a top-tier, uninterrupted digital experience.

Business Internet Direct

Key Features

Redundant Paths for Uninterrupted Connectivity

Our network architecture is built with multiple redundant paths to the global internet, fortified by comprehensive security at several layers. Continuous 24/7 monitoring safeguards your information, ensuring business continuity at all times.

Local Expertise, Worldwide Service Excellence

Our responsive helpdesk, with a robust online fault logging system, ensures your operations run smoothly. Combining local expertise with global standards, we equip your business with the support it needs to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Unwavering Fast Speeds

Experience symmetrical upload and download speeds that remain consistent, even during peak business hours. Our service enhances cloud computing, video conferencing, and VoIP for a smooth and efficient digital experience.

Premium Quality Guaranteed

We deliver a premium, reliable, enterprise-grade internet connection with a committed information rate (CIR) of 1:1 contention. This ensures your business has dedicated bandwidth for critical operations.

Expansive Reach with PoPs

With over 140 Points of Presence (PoPs) across Australia and 900 globally via our partners, your business gains a competitive edge with expansive network coverage and international connectivity.

Feature-Rich Service

Benefit from a suite of features designed to enhance cloud, video, and VoIP capabilities. Our tailored solutions provide you with the tools to thrive in a fast-paced digital environment.

Business Internet Direct

The benefits

High performance

Get fast access to the internet and services with a dedicated, uncontended internet connection that gives you guaranteed bandwidth over our network.

Future ready

Flexibility to connect to the nbn network and integrate additional services including security, cloud and network solutions as your business grows.

Extended reach

VergeTel is uniquely capable of providing business fibre services in the most regional and rural locations of Australia, where the other carriers can't.

Highly secure

Built in security measures at multiple layers and devices enables you to confidently engage with the online world.

Service availability

With target availability of 99.95% for the VergeTel Internet Direct Core & Edge networks, your business experiences less outages and remains more connected.

Self-manage tools

Take charge of your connectivity with self-management tools and enjoy more visibility and control.

Business Internet Direct


Business Internet Direct is a purpose-build, secure, and highly resilient internet service with exceptional availability and scalability. It is designed to support business-critical operations and provides a consistent, quality experience for your staff and customers. With Business Internet Direct, you have a dedicated, carrier-grade link (layer 3) to one of the largest internet backbones in Australia providing greater national coverage as well as the global internet. We offer more Points of Presence in Australia than other providers, plus more than 900 Points of Presence world-wide through our partners for ease and speed of access.

VergeTel is uniquely equipped with the tools and experience to deliver such a service to almost any location in Australia and will develop a strategy to alleviate any build costs associated with the delivery of the service. You can request a service qualification in the VergeTel Services portal if you have access, or contact our Enterprise Delivery Team.

Our Business Internet Direct product is highly scalable, with a rich offering of bandwidth options from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Redundancy options for higher service availability are available in the following configurations:
- Single Uplink configuration (99.95% target availability)
- Dual Uplink configuration (99.97% target availability)
- Geo-diverse configuration (99.99% target availability)

The assurance level is dependent on the location where the service is provided. All Business Internet Direct services include a Standard SLA:

Urban: 24 x 7 support with 12-hour restoration target
Rural: 24 x 7 support with 24-hour restoration target

Note: Enhanced SLA options are available at an additional cost.

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