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Business Ethernet Direct

Business productivity demands high resilience.

Ethernet Direct is a secure, high-performance and low latency ethernet service that lets you take control of your network. With exceptional availability and scalability. It offers a cost-effective point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity solution.

It easily integrates with corporate LANs, and caters for varying needs across a layer 2 based high speed fibre data service. Ethernet Direct gives you the power to implement changes with your own resources when you need to, with the backing of VergeTel’s expertise.

Business Ethernet Direct

Key Features


Seamlessly connect your headquarters to multiple branch sites with our simple, cost-effective connectivity options, with reach into the most remote areas.


Choose to use a layer 2 service, or build and manage your own MPLS. Experience increased resiliency on your network with our fully redundant solution.

Choose options

Choose from a wide range of options that best suit the growing needs of your business.

Low latency

Ensure your critical applications will perform at a high level and access business critical data in real time.

High uptime

Choose a fully redundant solution and get superior service availability that equates to less than 6 minutes of downtime a year.


Take full control of your network and implement changes with your own resources when you need to, with the backing of VergeTel's expertise.


The benefits


Dedicated bandwidth helps you avoid performance issues such as contention, latency and delays associated with shared networks.

Greater control

Use the service to support protocols other than IP, helping ensure control and better security over the routing of data traffic.


As your business grows, you can easily scale the bandwidth up to 100Gbps. We have access to the largest fibre networks in Australia.

Business continuity

With the protection options, your traffic can be automatically redirected to ensure high availability of your services.

Proactive monitoring

Delivers greater peace of mind for your business by proactively monitoring and managing your network.

Complete simplicity

A single provider helps you reduce operational complexity, cost and time of managing many suppliers.

Business Ethernet Direct


Our Ethernet Direct solution enables you to reach more customers with one of the most extensive fibre footprints in Australia. It supports fibre access tails. You have more ways to connect with bandwidth options up to 2Gbps and multiple classes of service.

VergeTel is uniquely equipped with the tools and experience to deliver such a service to almost any location in Australia and will develop a strategy to alleviate any build costs associated with the delivery of the service. You can request a service qualification in VergeTel Tranzact if you have access, or contact our Enterprise Delivery Team.

Our Business Ethernet Direct product is highly scalable, with a rich offering of bandwidth options from 50 Mbps to 2 Gbps.

Redundancy options for higher service availability are available in the following configurations:
- Single Uplink configuration (99.95% target availability)
- Dual Uplink configuration (99.97% target availability)
- Geo-diverse configuration (99.99% target availability)

The assurance level is dependent on the location where the service is provided. All Business Ethernet Direct services include a Standard SLA:

Urban: 24 x 7 support with 12-hour restoration target
Rural: 24 x 7 support with 24-hour restoration target

Note: Enhanced SLA options are available at an additional cost.

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